Do we need to change our locks?

There are certain occasions when you might want to change the locks on the doors in your home. Before taking any action, the next question to answer is whether you need to replace the locks or simply re-key your existing locks. Re-key is a less costly form  of keeping the old locks and getting new keys. According to the experts,  certain times are better then other  to change locks instead of re-keying your existing locks.

There’s no telling how many different folks might have copies of the key to your new home. Keys are copied and given to neighbors, family members and to workers on extended jobs in your home. On top of that, a lost key may have gotten into the wrong hands or someone who previously worked in your home may have copied your key with the plan to return. Re-keying the existing locks will make all the old copies worthless.

If you are concerned with the security that your current locks provide, the only way to improve the level of protection is to get new locks.  Like anything else, locks do fail over time. You may notice the key doesn’t turn as easily as it once did, or often gets stuck in the lock. you may not be able to use your key anymore to open the lock. When the issue is the repair of a lock, then the only logical thing left to do is to replace rather than re-key your existing locks.


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49 years young lives in Phoenix Arizona.
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